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ZiniZone case s.a.s. is a real estate agency specialized in property acquisition and disposal, building and apartments restoration.

Apartments for Short Rents in Turin - Affitti al Volo

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Your rent in the heart of Turin

Our reception is located in the heart of Turin, close to all the main attractions of our beautiful city

Egyptian Museum - Affitti al Volo

Egyptian Museum

09.00 to 18. 30

ph.+39 011 561 7776

It's the oldest Egyptian museum in the world, and today it's also the richest of finds, after the Cairo Museum.

It's located in Via Accademia delle Scienze and it's open every day from 9 to 18.30 - except on Mondays, when it opens only half a day (from 9 to 14.30)

Mole Antonelliana - Affitti al Volo

Mole Antonelliana & Cinema Museum

09.00 to 20. 00

ph. ​+39  011 813 8560

The Mole Antonelliana is the symbol of Turin. With its 167 m of height it has long been considered the tallest building in Europe. It's also home of the National Cinema Museum of Turin.

They are both located in Via Montebello 20 and are open every day, except Tuesday, from 9 to 20 (Saturday until 11 pm).

Palazzo Reale Torino - Affitti al Volo

Royal Palace

08.30 to 19. 30

ph. +39 011 436 1455

Savoy building of great prestige, it was the residence of the Kings of Sardinia until 1859 and of Vittorio Emanuele, King of Italy, until 1865.
It is located in Piazzetta Reale, next to Piazza Castello, and is open every day, except Mondays, from 8.30 to 19.30.

Basilica di Superga - Affitti al Volo

Basilica of Superga

10.00 to 19. 00

ph. ​+39  011 8997456

It's one of the most evocative places in the city, with its own breathtaking panorama. It can also be reached with the historic railway, called "Dentera".

The opening hours is better to check them on the site, because they change according to the season.

Reggia di Venaria - Affitti al Volo

Royal palace of Venaria Reale

09.00 to 19. 00

ph. +39 011 499 2333

The Reggia di Venaria as well as being beautiful and surrounded by wonderful gardens, it often hosts exhibitions of great interest and unmissable events.

To find out more you can visit the official website

Flats for Short Rents in Turin - Affitti al Volo


Your apartments in the heart of Turin

Studios, minilofts, apartments and holiday homes at the best price all inclusive.

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